Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun (Free!) Friday

Fridays are awesome. It's almost the weekend. Lots of work places incorporate 'casual Fridays' into their otherwise not-so-casual dress codes. When I was a kid, Fridays meant grocery shopping day, which translated into new food in our fridge and cupboards, and MAYBE even a treat. In school, Friday meant I got a hot dog or two for lunch instead of the usual brown-paper-bag stuffed with much more nutritious but way-less exciting eats. You get my point. Fridays are fun!

To add to your Friday awesome-ness, I'll be posting links to some of the many FREE (and legal!) little gems that I've discovered while digging through the beautiful (but often scary) treasure chest that is The Internet. I'm doing the work so you don't have to, and I'm sharing, 'cause sharing is fun :)

This Free Friday, I have a completely awesome and completely FREE music download for you. The infectious and impossible-not-to-bop-your-head-along-to single from new indie band Great Good Fine Ok, has the potential to catapult the virtually unknown Brooklyn-based group into The Magical Land of Pop Music Success. Judging by the buzz this sweet treat is generating only three days after it's release, I'd say that Great Good Fine Ok will be feeling that success in the very near future.

'You're The One For Me' is a brilliant blend of Bruno Mars' throw-back funk, Robin Thicke's delicious falsetto, and a whispery-electronic beat that sounds like MGMT on a low-carb diet. Take a minute to download 'You're The One For Me', and here's to a fun Friday for everybody! :)


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